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Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha The Co-operative School of Law is the first and only Co-operative Sector Law School in the State of Kerala. The Co-operative School of Law, envisioned as a third generation law school, is also the third prestigious institutional endeavour of Thodupuzha Taluk Educational Co-operative Society Ltd. No. I-159.
The Thodupuzha Taluk Educational Co-operative Society Ltd. No. I-159 was established in 1983, under the Kerala State Co-operative Societies Act. The primary objective of the society is to create employment opportunities for post graduates and to strengthen the higher education sector. The society is a non profit organization owned by a group of postgraduates of Thodupuzha Taluk and the institutions run by the society work strictly under the supervision and control of the Co-operative Department, Govt. of Kerala. The Co-operative College, the first educational institution meant for higher education....