We Aspire.. Vision and Mission
धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः
He Who protects Dharma will be protected by Dharma

Co-operative School of Law aims to indoctrinate the noble values of justice embodied in the true verities of Dharma


Integral development of human qualities through knowledge, social values and competence with the true spirit of civic conscience and justice.


Dharma stands protected by observing and upholding it. Laws and Legal system are meant for securing and upholding Dharma, i.e. Justice. Legal education should be attuned to achieve the ultimate objective of protecting Dharma. Co-operative School of Law strives to impart these virtues and values in our system of education to fortify the true spirit of Dharma. The Co-operative School of Law is envisioned as a centre with potential for excellence in legal education, with the objective of producing world class legal professionals with competency, honesty and integrity. CSL is conceived as a temple of learning, imparting value-based education with social commitments. The curriculum, teaching pedagogies, research and outreach programmes at CSL are designed to fine tune the knowledge, skill and ethical requirements of the legal profession. The academic programmes envisage interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary understanding through class room deliberations, faculty offered value added programmes, invited talks, seminars, symposiums and extension activities. Teachers with rich experience, will mentor the students in and out of the classroom to accomplish our mission.

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