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Students Support Services

Anti-ragging Cell

Our College maintains a healthy and congenial academic environment for the students. The institution offers protection to the new entrants from the menace of ragging. For this purpose, the institution has constituted an Anti- ragging cell. Also, an anti-ragging Squad was formed and deputed to monitor students’ discipline, both inside     Know More..

Anti-narcotics Cell

The Anti-Narcotics Cell of the college is established for curbing drug trafficking and use of illegal substances inside and outside the campus. The established objective of the club is to ensure a drug- free campus by imposing a total ban on the possession or consumption of drugs and alcohol by students of the college, within or outside the     Know More..

Women Empowerment Cell

The Women’s cell was started with the aim of empowering and orienting lady students to recognize their true potential and to help them achieve their goal in a competitive world. Its goal is the overall development of our students in all spheres of their life. It also helps in creating awareness about important issues related to women and     Know More..

Students Grievance Cell

Co-operative School of Law recognizes the right of all students to work and study in an environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination. Harassment is defined as behaviour that is directed at an individual or group of students or staff and which is offensive, belittling, humiliating, intimidating or threatening; and unwelcome and     Know More..

Students Counselling and Mentoring

Counselling is a tool that aims to facilitate personal  well being of  students through support and guidance by trained counsellors, for a healthy mind and body. With the intention of addressing and helping to resolve the  emotional and psychological issues of the student community of CSL, the college has initiated the     Know More..

Internship Cell

Today, law graduates have multiple options in Corporate Houses, Law Firms, NGOs, Courts (Litigation), Regulatory Bodies etc. As per the curriculum, each student shall have completed a minimum of 20 weeks internship during the their period of legal studies with NGOs, Trial and Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory Authorities,     Know More..

Anti Human Trafficking

The students are entrusted with the primary responsibility to fight against the atrocities in the society and also to protect the life and dignity of the victims, by which peace can be maintained in the society. By acknowledging this ideology, Anti Human Trafficking Club was born. The underlying principles behind the formation of the AHTC are     Know More..

Career Guidance and Placement Cell

The Career Guidance and Placement Cell of the college is constituted to equipping the students to perform well in the competitive world. it is essential to impart proper guidance about the scope of various higher courses, especially job-oriented ones, and making various job opportunities available to them as much as possible Every year, the     Know More..

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