Internal Assessments

Internal Evaluation Rule

The Internal assessment marks shall be distributed as follows :


Separate attendance shall be maintained for each subject by the teacher concerned, either manually or in electronic form.

Marks for attendance shall be granted as follows:

Test Paper

At least one test per subject shall be conducted by the teacher concerned. The date for the test shall be notified in advance. Absentees shall not be entitled for re-test. Exceptional cases on medical and similar grounds may be considered by the staff council. The marks will be published in the class within 15 days of the test and the students can obtain photocopies of the answer script, if required, at their own expense.

Classroom Assignments

Every student shall write an assignment on each subject based on the topics assigned, and directions given by the teacher. He is also required to make an oral presentation of the topic assigned to him. Written assignment has to be submitted in A 4 size paper

No redoing of internal assessment

Marks once awarded in the internal assessment shall be final and no application for redoing of internal assessment shall be entertained on any ground after the end of the semester.

Grievance Redressal Cell

A Grievance Redressal Cell constituted by the head of the institution shall examine written complaints in respect of internal assessment. Complaints shall be preferred within 5 days from publication of the marks; and the decision of the cell shall be final. Students can mail their complaints to internalgrievances@csl.ac.in


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